Borderless Campus Network :

Enterprises are making a fundamental shift, with employees no longer confined to physical offices, geographical locations, and time zones. In today's globalized workplace, work can occur anywhere in the world and enterprise information needs to be virtually accessible, on-demand, through every part of the network. These requirements drive the need to build next-generation networks that are secure, reliable, and highly available. Adding to the impetus for next generation networks is the transformation of the network from traditional data and voice transport to super-highways for video, building systems, physical security systems, and other non-traditional systems that now use IP networks to communicate. As more and more systems converge on the network, network complexity increases and the capability to handle traffic in a responsible manner is essential as the network becomes even more mission critical.

Designing the borderless campus requires that sound network design principles are used to ensure maximum availability, flexibility, security, and manageability. The use of sound network design ensures that the network will deliver on current requirements as well as be well prepared for future services and technologies.

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