TelePresence :

To compete in today’s global business environment, organizations must be able to effectively communicate and collaborate, responding rapidly to change across all geographic boundaries. TelePresence conferencing offers a solution that creates “in-person” experiences between people, places, and events over the IP network. Employees can connect easily and instantly with coworkers, customers, and partners anywhere in the world without leaving the office. This speeds decision making, improves business continuity in the event of disasters or disruptions, and provides a distinct competitive edge.
TelePresence are Designed for organizations of a variety of sizes, deliver a high-quality, reliable, “in-person” TelePresence experience.
TelePresence solution offers the easiest, most dynamic way for dispersed teams to innovate, troubleshoot, and collaborate - and it is not just for boardrooms any more. Use the power of In-Person collaboration across your organization - and beyond - to transform business processes with partners, suppliers, vendors, and even customers.

What started as a means for cutting travel costs and saving time has become a crucial tool for creating a competitive advantage. TelePresence lets you:
●    Bring together a group of experts as you need them to resolve issues real time
●    Make business-critical decisions faster by assembling the right resources at the right time
●    Build trust and relationships between co-workers and with partners or customers
●    Increase productivity with more collaboration and less travel
●    Provide high-touch customer service and accelerate sales cycles
●    Unify your entire supply chain and reduce time to market
●    Train remote teams and scale expertise across the globe
●    Promote business and increase your differentiation by making it easy for your teams to collaborate, innovate, and resolve problems

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